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One of the sunniest islands of the mediterranean

Malta - Perfect Location

Our beautiful Island is situated in the middle of the sunny Mediterranean making it easily accessible with over 34 airlines flying to Malta every year.

Malta - Language

English is an official language in Malta, most people are fluent and some of the island’s most popular newspapers are in English.

Malta - Low Cost Living

Both groceries and dining out are very affordable in Malta, a night out does not need to cost you an arm and a leg.

Malta - Safety

Malta was ranked as the second safest country in the world for two years in a row by the World Risk Report (UN).

Malta - Weather

With an average of 300 days of sunshine per year combined with amazing sandy and rocky beaches and beautiful hiking spots, Malta is a must visit country.

Cost of basic lunch in Malta
Cost of cup of coffee in Malta
Cost of 1 litre of water in Malta
Cost of 4 rolls of toiler paper in Malta
Cost of 1.5 litres of soft drink in Malta
Cost of monthly ticket for public transport in Malta
Testimonial - Alena Kindeeva

Alena Kindeeva

The transfer from the airport was good. We were greeted well. The English Course is very good because I improved my speaking, writing and grammar skills a lot. The course is varied and the teachers are very helpful. My accommodation is good, I have enough room to hang up my clothes, and is very spacious and clean. Excursions and activities were great and interesting, and can be booked easily at the school’s reception desk.

Testimonials - Elena Svintsiskaya

Elena Svintsiskaya

I booked two courses with Magister Academy, General English & Intensive English Courses. The courses are full of practical grammar and different exercises, a lot of communication and discussions.Classes are very interesting and even fun. I really like the school staff and teachers. I had a very interesting and positive experience. I didn’t speak or understand English at all when I arrived in Malta but now I can say that I am quite fluent.

Testimonials - Martin Pedano

Martin Pedano

Students staying at the Residence, quickly become friends – it is like home, where everybody knows everybody. This is a strong point of this school, and I strongly emphasise this over other schools, where the number of students is huge and really hard to build good relationships. I strongly recommend this school, and also the Residence when studying English. After lessons, we used to go to the beach and explore this lovely island of Malta.

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