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Warm, generous hospitality

Maltese families are known for their warm and generous hospitality, which makes them ideal as host families for our students. The typical Maltese host family is so loving that they treat students as their own kids.

Carefully selected and regularly monitored, our host families offer a comfortable and friendly environment. You can book a place in a Twin shared room or a Single room all for yourself. Accommodation in Host Homes include breakfast and dinner.

Bed linen is provided by your host family and laundered every week. Clean towels are supplied twice a week. Personal laundry should be discussed with the families directly, host homes normally wash a reasonable amount of clothes once a week.

Living with an English-speaking family will help you to practice your English daily, and is a great opportunity to learn about the local culture and traditions.

Staying with a host home means you live as they live and eat what they eat – immersing you into their way of life and making you a member of a close-knit unit. This extra feeling of security is what most students love about this accommodation option.

Host Home Breakfast
Host Home Dinner
Host Home Clean Towels
Host Home Bed Linen

Our Happy Students!

Not sure which type of Accommodation is right for you?

Magister Academy offers different types of accommodation that suit everyone. Let us help you find the perfect accommodation for you.

“We are committed to offering you a personalised, memorable language learning experience!”