Student Testimonial - Vincenzo & Giada

October 27, 2016

Vincenzo Capizzi

Magister Academy is well organised - with included pre-paid transfer. 

The General English course was very useful as it helped me to relax and gain confidence when speaking English. The administration staff and the teachers are always available to help you with whatever you need. There is nothing missing in this school. The excursions were very good as they where both interesting and informative.

My experience here was fantastic because I learnt and enjoyed myself a lot. One thing I really liked about Magister was that student accommodation is available in the same building. Therefore, they do not have problems with traffic to get to school, so they can get to their classes easily, and are able to socialise with the other students. Also, this way they can quickly get help if they have any problems.

Giada Middioni

Magister Academy is well organised. During my stay, from 24/09/2016 to 20/09/2016 we had a pre-paid bus transfer. The General English course was very helpful, allowing me to improve my basic understanding of the English language. All the administration staff and teachers have been available throughout my stay. Magister Academy is very clean and pays great attention to detail. The activities and excursions were both interesting and fun. This experience has really helped me to understand how important it is to speak English. One of the many things I really liked about this trip is the school. It’s a really beautiful school where rules are followed, everyone has respect for each other and where you can learn useful English skills. Furthermore, students have free time to enjoy themselves and have the opportunity to stay on-site in the residence above the school.