UEFA Euro 2016 France Starts Today

June 10, 2016

This weekend will see the start of the UEFA Euro 2016 hosted in France, with Romania playing against France on Friday 10th June. This is a great time for us to feel patriotic and support our teams while taking part in some healthy competition. However, with 24 different countries participating it seems many people are finding it difficult to pronounce the players' names. From César Azpilicueta (Ath-pili-coo-et-a) to Oğuzhan Özyakup (O-hoo-zhan Erz-ya-kup) the variation in pronunciation and alphabets reflects the problems many of our students have when learning English.

For this reason, we have a specialised pronunciation course at Magister Academy to help you tackle English pronunciation. This is an extra course in the afternoon based around speaking and listening while trying different pronunciation techniques. Feel free to speak to the Academic Manager at Magister Academy for more information.