Bored or don't know what to do?

October 28, 2015

Why don't you...

  • Try traditional Maltese food such as freshly baked cheesecakes (pastizzi), Maltese cheeselets (ġbejniet) made from goat milk, and the local savoury snack, Twistees.
  • Soak up the sun on one of the many benches in Spinola Bay, whilst enjoying a refreshing local soft drink (Kinnie) made out of zesty oranges and spices.
  • Take a walk around the medieval streets of Mdina at night. Warning – it can be spooky!
  • Shop till you drop in boutique shops and retail outlets at the Baystreet Shopping Complex just 10 minutes away from school. When ready, finish off the day with a visit to Hard Rock Café or the bowling alley and cinemas near by.
  • Eat a traditional Maltese meal (fenkata) at one of the village restaurants in St Julian’s and Sliema. Chances are you will also get to try snails (bebbux) and Maltese sausage.
  • Enjoy a bottle of Maltese wine on our school terrace, or, on a hot summer’s night pour a pint of cold, local, beer – the iconic CISK lager.
  • Practice your English with the locals.
  • Visit some of the 360 churches in Malta and admire the beautiful artwork and the many marble sculptures.
  • Go to Dingli cliffs and enjoy the wonderful panoramic views.
  • Dance the night away in one (or all) of the nightclubs in Paceville. There is definitely something for everyone.
  • Jog or walk along the Sliema promenade at dawn and watch the beautiful sunrise.
  • Buy a mouth-watering traditional Maltese bread (hobza or ftira) from a local bakery and stuff it with tomatoes, tuna fish, basil and olive oil.
  • Learn some basic Maltese phrases and practice them with the locals. You can start with:
    Kif inti? (How are you?)
    Tajba (F) / Tajjeb (M), grazzi. (I’m fine, thank you).
  • Dress to kill and enjoy a posh night out at Level 22 in the Portomaso business tower (just 5 minutes away from school) and enjoy astounding views from the highest skyscraper in Malta.