The New York Times ranks Malta as the 3rd top destination in 2016

January 14, 2016

It seems 2016 could be a very special year for Malta. It has been featured as the 3rd best destination in the world in the New York Times right after Mexico City and Bordeaux (France), which took first and second place respectively. In an article written by Dave Seminara, Malta was described as “an affordable Mediterranean playground with a superb climate”. He went on to praise Malta’s Unesco World Heritage sites, including the newly restored 450-year-old city of Valletta, the Megalithic temples and the underground Hypogeum in Hal Saflieni.

Of course, the Maltese Islands have long been renowned for their beauty; appealing to everyone from divers to WWII enthusiasts and from architects to beach lovers. Not forgetting that, as Seminara mentioned in his article, English is one of two official languages in Malta (the other being Maltese) which makes Malta the ideal place to learn English while enjoying the Mediterranean lifestyle.

So with Winter temperatures not falling below 10 degrees Celsius, extremely friendly people and a kaleidoscope of cultural background, what better place is there to spend your holiday?



Affordable (adjective):  inexpensive, reasonably priced

Superb (adjective): very good, excellent

Renowned (adjective): known or talked about by many people; famous

Appealing (adjective): attractive or interesting

Kaleidoscope (noun): a constantly changing pattern