FREE ACCOMMODATION at Magister Academy

December 03, 2014

We are happy to introduce a new unique Special Offer with FREE ACCOMMODATION at Magister Academy onsite Residence in January and February 2015.  Please download our SPO Flyer and contact us for more details at

If you enjoy British summers, you will LOVE Maltese winters! It is a perfect time to discover its historical villages and impressive monuments. With well over 200 sunny days a year, winter in Malta also appeals to those looking for adventure outdoors. The pleasant climate means the countryside is lush and in bloom, making walks, rambling and hikes around the country one of the most popular pastimes for this time of year. Malta’s winter holiday months also coincide with Malta’s theatre season. There is a huge range of shows and performances on offer, from operas to contemporary plays. Even if you’re not a theatre lover you’ll find something exciting to see.

Malta’s Carnival is another must-see winter attraction! Carnival goes back hundreds of years and is celebrated just prior to the fasting period in Roman Catholic countries (this year scheduled between 13/02/2015 – 17/02/2015). Nowadays, it’s celebrated in numerous towns and villages but especially in Valletta, Floriana and Nadur, Gozo. It is indeed an explosion of colour with its splendid floats and costumes. Carnival also serves as a means of merriment and a time for individuals to dress up in all sorts of weird or funny costumes and just go out in the streets to join the fray.

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