Do you want to dedicate more time to your studies?

If you have limited time, or simply want to have additional lessons each day, the Intensive English course adds an extra 10 lessons per week to your General English course. These afternoon lessons focus on speaking practice, and will allow you to gain a sense of self-reliance which will enable you to broaden your vocabulary in a shorter period of time.

Speaking and listening activities are designed to rapidly increase your ability to communicate in the real world, and will definitely improve your level of confidence and assertiveness in using English whether you use it at work, with friends or even if you use it while on holiday.

Your 10 extra lessons on our Intensive English programme are a very useful addition to the General English course as they also provide you with an opportunity to supplement your main studies with extra conversational and fluency exercises. These activities will help you to put what you have learned into practice and further improve your confidence and motivation regarding English language use.

By using the language, creating more complex strings of sentences and phrases, your understanding of the structure of English, i.e. the grammar, will greatly increase and improve in the same way that a baby learns its first language; through listening and speaking practice and being exposed to realistic situations in which English is utilized.

So, if you really want to improve your fluency, speaking and listening skills at a fast speed, sign up to do the Intensive English course. It is always exciting, encouraging and fulfilling, and not only can you learn English more efficiently; you can also make friends for life!

Our balance of a sociable atmosphere and an extremely effective teaching approach makes this course an amazing experience for students of any age or level.

Don't forget:
"A smile is a language that everyone should learn" - Unknown


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