Do you want to broaden your horizons in the business world?

The Business English course is the key to doing so. Small classes consist of focused topics to suit your individual needs and help you acquire a sense of assertiveness when using the English Language for vocational purposes. Our highly qualified and experienced business teachers will guide you through your course, ensuring that you are getting the maximum benefit out of each and every class.

As English is the international language within every sphere of business, not only is it a key skill to attain a higher linguistic aptitude, it will greatly increase your future career prospects. Whether you only use English occasionally at work or whether you use it all the time, the Business English course is the one for you!

Our Business English course comprehensively covers all of the key business skills including:

Telephoning and video-conferencing
A key form of correspondence common within the majority of international organisations. You will be able to participate in activities designed to increase your confidence and competence in both your listening and speaking skills.

The most common form of communication within the international business environment. Learn how to compose both formal and informal emails to a high standard and greatly improve your written accuracy and fluidity.

Learn common phrases and collocations to use while leading or participating in meetings with other English speaking colleagues or clients. Common procedures and etiquette when dealing with Anglo-Saxon culture or multi-cultural environments are also useful additions to this part of the course. Learn new models and structures for specific types of meetings such as project-management, idea-sharing, problem-solving, interviews, negotiations etc.

Gain confidence in oratory skills, improving pronunciation, spoken accuracy and intonation, clarity and style. Focus on different types of presenting relevant to your occupation, such as sales pitches, proposals, workshops, research, speeches etc. Learn strategies focused on how to deal with difficult audiences, tough questions or high pressure situations.

Our Business English course covers all of these areas in depth, and much more. Our expert teachers will design the course to be relevant to your profession, and will focus on the skills which you feel are the most important to improve in order to be even more successful at what you do.

Don't Forget:
"The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary" - Vince Lombardi


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