Maltese families are known for their warm and generous hospitality, which makes our students feel right at home.

Carefully selected and regularly monitored, our host families offer a comfortable and friendly environment. You can book a place in a Twin shared room or a Single room all for yourself. Accommodation in Host Families include breakfast and dinner.

Bed linen is provided by your host family and laundered every week. Clean towels are supplied twice a week. Personal laundry should be discussed with the families directly, host families normally wash a reasonable amount of clothes once a week.

Living with an English-speaking family will help you to practice your English daily, and is a great opportunity to learn about the local culture and traditions.

Staying with a host family means you live as they live and eat what they eat - immersing you into their way of life and making you a member of a close-knit unit. This extra feeling of security is what most students love about this accommodation option.

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